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Dive deep into "The Law of Process," and embark on a transformational journey that shifts HR from culpable to fully capable.


We are Changing the Way the World Thinks About HR.

We aim to reshape the narrative of HR, transitioning it from a functional role to a strategic powerhouse.

Our vision is a future where HR is not only seen as a pivotal player in organizational growth but is also equipped and valued as such. 

Through this conference, we seek to initiate a journey where HR professionals are well, empowered, and integrally connected to the industry and each other.

The Future of Work


Dive deep into "The Law of Process," and embark on a transformational journey that shifts your HR from culpable to fully capable. 

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Equip your team with the tools, strategies, and insights to craft a workplace culture that not only resonates but propels your business to unprecedented success.

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You've heard the buzzword "strategic HR," but what does it really mean? And how can we convert this overused concept into everyday practice? The key lies in embracing a newly envisioned "Law of Process."

The "Law of Process" suggests that the profound impact of HR isn’t an overnight phenomenon. Instead, it's a journey, consistently enriched by unwavering dedication to growth, heightened self-awareness, and a harmonious alignment with the overarching business vision.

It's about appreciating the delicate balance between personal wellbeing and company objectives. Through this lens, HR professionals evolve. No longer seem as administrators, HR emerges as advocates for both individual well-being and the broader success of the business.


Not Your Typical HR Conference: Forget information overload; this is an immersive, hands-on experience tailored for you, the HR professional. Here, it's not just about textbook strategies; it's about discovering who you are and the invaluable role you play within your organization.

Community, Education, and Collaboration: This isn't a one-way street of lectures and presentations. We've cultivated a dynamic environment where community, education, and collaboration intermingle to reshape your professional outlook.

Real Issues, Real Solutions: Engage in authentic, raw dialogues that cut to the core of today's most pressing HR challenges. Through collective problem-solving and brainstorming, we elevate diverse perspectives into actionable insights.

The Outcome? You'll emerge equipped not only with a fresh lens to view your role but also with pragmatic solutions to implement immediately. This is more than a conference; it's an odyssey of professional transformation.

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Recognizing the need to make our transformative sessions accessible to all, we're introducing a dedicated virtual day this year for those who can't join our 2-day in-person gathering. 


You will also be able to relive the energy and insights with replays of our live sessions, ensuring you don't miss out on any part of this unique experience.


Dive in digitally and feel the UNPLUG essence from the comfort of your space.

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A different approach, using new methods of engagement.

Our speakers encompass a dynamic blend of HR passion, business acumen, innovative thought, and riveting storytelling. They're set to captivate you through a series of keynotes and workshops, each designed to reignite, refuel, and reinvigorate your purpose. Prepare to be immersed in transformative engagements that will reshape your perspective on HR.

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We're seeking the visionaries, the change-makers, and the dedicated hands to amplify the impact of this event. Whether you're driven to inspire as a speaker, empower as a sponsor, or uplift as a volunteer, we invite you to step forward.


Be part of a transformative gathering that's reshaping the HR landscape.


Gratitude to Our Pillars of Support

Without our esteemed sponsors, this transformative journey would be unattainable. Their commitment and belief in our vision allow us to bring UNPLUG to life. We proudly display the logos of those who stand with us in making this event possible.

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